Special Lecture

Special Lecture: 

Toward scalable production of differentiation stage-specific cells for CAR-T cell therapy 


Professor Yu-Tsueng Liu (CV)

Professor Liu has a broad background in clinical and basic research. I had my medical residency training in Taiwan at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, a leading medical center with well-known clinical programs and research for hepatitis B virus associated hepatocellular carcinoma. I was honored with the Distinguished Academic Record in Clinical Medicine during those years. I decided to study molecular medicine and obtained my Ph.D. in the U.S. and went on to have my postdoctoral training at UCSF, where we developed the microarray-based Virochip to help identify the novel SARS coronavirus in 2003 and studied oncogenic viruses, including KSHV and hepatitis B and D viruses with Don Ganem and Joe DeRisi. My research during those years involved basic molecular and cellular biology, laboratory virology, cancer biology and biotechnology. As PI or co-investigator in NIH funded grants, I have created various assays for clinical research to identify various microorganisms, such as influenza virus and human papillomavirus subtypes, as well as to detect cancer-specific fusion genes using human specimens. I have recently co-invented microbubble technology for rare cell isolation and helped establish a company, Diagnologix, to develop a product for clinical uses.  

Date / Venue:

Date: 108.09.12 (Thursday)   12:00-13:00   
Venue: Third Floor Audio-Visual, Li-Hsueh Building



 Graduate institute of Clinical Medicine
Research Center for Environmental Medicine

 Higher Education Sprout Project, KMU

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