INTERNATIONAL  (In Alphabetical Order)

Robert Turesky, BSc, PhD

      • University of Minnesota, USA
      • Title: Mechanistic Studies on Cooked Meat in Human Cancer

Shao-Ling Zhang, PhD

  • University of Montreal, Canada
  • Title: TBD

Stephen Hecht, PhD

  • University of Minnesota, USA
  • TitleTBD


Stuart McLaren, PhD, MSc(Hons)

  • Massey University, New Zealand
  • Title: The Drinking Water Crises of Flint (USA) and Havelock North (New Zealand) - Flagrant Disregard of Public Health 

Teruhiko Kido, PhD

  • Kanazawa University, Japan
  • Title: Environmental Health in Japan and Vietnam - Itai-itai Disease and Agent Orange/Dioxin

Wyatt Page, PhD, BE(Hons), ASNZ

  • Massey University, New Zealand
  • TitleSound Health

(In Alphabetical Order)

Lukas Jyuhn-Hsiarn Lee, MD, MSc, PhD

  • National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan
  • TitleOverview of Asbestos Related Disease Burden in Taiwan

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