Important Dates (徵稿時程)

Online Abstract Submission Begins: June 1, 2018
Abstract Submission Deadline: June 29, 2018  July 30, 2018
論文截稿日:2018/06/29 (星期五)
延期至2018/07/30 (星期一)
Notification of Abstract Acceptance: July 20, 2018  August 21, 2018
論文接受通知:2018/07/20 (星期五)
延期至2018/08/21 (星期二)

Call for Research Topic Areas (徵稿主題)

  • Student Submission (學生組) 
    • Environmental Medicine (環境醫學)
    • Environmental Health (環境衛生)
    • Food Safety (食品安全)
    • Drug Addiction and Prevention (藥毒物成癮及防治)
    • Others (其他)
  • Non-student Submission (社會組)
    • Food and Drug Management (食藥安全與管理)
    • Public Health (公共衛生)
    • Emerging Health Policy (新興衛生醫療政策)

Presentation Types (展示形式)

  • Student Submission (學生組)
    • Oral Presentation: 15 minutes oral presentation ( 10 presenters, 6 awards available)
    • Poster Presentation:3 awards available 
  • Non-student Submission  (社會組)
    • Poster Presentation: 3 awards available for each research topic area

Awards and Prize (獎勵辦法)

  • Student Submission(學生組)
    • Excellent Oral Presentation (優秀論文獎)
           First Place:NT$6,000                
           Second Place :NT$3,000           
           Third Place :NT$2,000
           Outstanding Presentation:NT$1,000 (3 awards available)
           佳作:1,000元 (3位)
    • Excellent Poster Presentation (壁報展示獎)
           Certificates for Outstanding Paper :3 awards available
  • Non-student Submission  (社會組)
    • Excellent Poster Presentation (壁報展示獎):
           First Place:NT$2,000     
           Second Place :NT$1,000           
           Third Place :NT$500
           Certificates for Outstanding Paper:3 awards available

Format Description (投稿格式說明)

    • Abstract Title:Full title in English (present in Bold and capitalized each word).
    • Page Setup:A4 with 2.5cm margin
    • Please write in English and present in a single page and underline the name of the presenter (see template)
    • Electronic submission only using PDF file (filename format: 2018 EHPSMC-Last Name-Title)
      一律以電子投稿,限用PDF檔上傳。檔名格式:2018 EHPSMC-姓名-論文題目

   All awardees must be present at the award ceremony in order to be eligible to receive award, otherwise the award will be revoked. NO EXCEPTION  


Note (投稿前請注意):

Limited one submission per person, and please pay the registration fee at the time of abstract submission

All accepted manuscript should include a Chinese abstract, if accepted for publication, both English and Chinese abstracts will be published in the conference proceeding

Submission Fee (論文摘要投稿費用)

NT$100 for Student Submission; NT$300 for Non-Student Submission (pay via Post Office, additional transaction fee may apply)
學生組100元、社會組300元 (郵局劃撥手續費需額外自付)

Registration Payment Method - for 2018 EHPSMC
論文投稿註冊費匯款資訊 - 此筆經費將專款專用於2018 EHPSMC)

Post Office Transfer (郵政劃撥) - 請於7/30前完成繳費

Account Name:財團法人私立高雄醫學大學
Account Number:42121235
Note: Please write [2018 EHPSMC, Name, and contact phone number] in the transaction note, and email the transaction receipt to Please use [2018 EHPSMC Name Contact Number] as the title and filename
請務必於劃撥單備註欄註明【2018 EHPSMC、姓名及聯絡電話】
劃撥單掃描後請MAIL至,主旨、檔名請設定為【2018 EHPSMC、姓名及聯絡電話】,若需提供收款收據,請於信件中註明,會後恕不補發,謝謝!


Oral Presentation (Student Submission) 學生組口頭報告
Oral Presentation List 口頭報告名單  ←請點擊Click

  • 口頭報告時間訂於9/29(六)下午14:25~17:15,請注意您的論文發表場次
  • 請注意,每位將有10分鐘報告時間、5分鐘提問時間,並以英文進行,投影片請以英文呈現
  • 請於9/26(三)將簡報檔Mail至,主旨、檔名請設定為[2018 EHPSMC-姓名-論文編號],為避免有版本無法讀取之問題,請儘量準備PPT檔及PDF檔
  • Please find your oral presentation on our schedule.
  • Each Presenter will have 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for comments.
  • Please prepare your presentation slide in PPT or PDF file in case the venue computer is not able to support the file and mail to before September 26th. Please set up the title and filename as  [2018 EHPSMC-Name-Abstract ID].

 Poster Presentation 壁報展示 (以英文為主)
Poster Presentation List 壁報展示名單  ←請點擊Click

  • Poster Set Up Time 壁報張貼時間:
    • 9/29(六)中午12:30請先至報到處報到後即可張貼海報,並於研討會結束後自行撤除,若未撤除者將由工作人員逕行處裡,恕不發還
      Please go to the registration desk with your abstract ID and our staff will direct you to your poster board. Our registration starts at 12:30AM on September 29th. We suggest you come to the conference venue earlier to put up your poster.
  • Poster Presentation Time 壁報發表時間:
    • 發表者請於9/30(日)中午12:30-13:30壁報發表時段在壁報張貼地點就位,以回答提問者之問題
      Reviewers will examine your poster presentation during the lunch (Sep. 30  at 12:30-13:30). Please make sure to be there to present your works to reviewers for evaluation.
  • Poster Dimensions 壁報發表尺寸:
    • 壁報尺寸為90cm (寬) * 120cm (高),直式。會場亦提供雙面膠供壁報張貼
      Each poster board will have 90cm (W) * 120cm (H) usable space, please design your poster to fit this size. And push-pins and tapes will be provided for posting the posters in the venue.
  • Poster Format 壁報格式:
    • Poster Title 壁報標題:
      • 壁報標題字體為72pt、粗體、置中;作者及單位42pt
        The title should be capitalized, centered, and bolded, and the font size should be at least 72pt. Authors and their affiliations should be at least 42pt.
    • Poster Content 壁報內文:
      • 壁報內文含背景、方法、結果及結論,且壁報內文標題字體為36pt、粗體
      • 壁報內文字體為32pt (建議不小於24pt)
      • 壁報字體請以Times New Roman書寫
      • The poster contents could be included the Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion. And the font size of heading must at least 36pt in bold.
      • Text letter should be at least 32pt (not less than 24pt).
      • Poster font must be Times New Roman

 Notice 其他注意事項

  • 參選者請務必親自參加並到場授獎,否則取消得獎資格,恕不補發
  • 如若獲獎,應於10/5()前提供中英文摘要供主辦單位收錄於研討會出版書籍,以供民眾閱讀,故投稿者可先行準備中文摘要以利後續作業時程
  • All awardees must be present at the award ceremony in order to be eligible to receive award, otherwise the award will be revoked. NO EXCEPTION.
  • All accepted manuscript should include a Chinese abstract, if accepted for publication, both English and Chinese abstracts will be published in the conference proceeding. And we need receive abstracts before October 5th. 

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