1) Poster Set Up Time:

Please go to the registration desk with your abstract ID and our staff will direct you to your poster board. Our registration starts at 08:40AM on November 7th. We suggest you come to the conference venue earlier to put up your poster.

2) Poster Presentation Time:

Reviewers will examine your poster presentation at 15:20pm-16pm on November 7thPlease make sure to be there to present your works to reviewers for evaluation.

3) Poster Dimensions:

Each poster board will have 90cm (W) * 120cm (H) usable space, please design your poster to fit this size. And push-pins and tapes will be provided for posting the posters in the venue.

4) Poster Format:

【The official language is English; no other languages will be allowed for the presentation.】

Poster Title:
    • ­The title should be capitalized, centered, and bolded, and the font size should be at least 72pt. Authors and their affiliations should be at least 42pt.
Poster Content:
      • The poster contents could be included the Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion. And the font size of heading must at least 36pt in bold.
      • Text letter should be at least 32pt (not less than 24pt).
      • Poster font must be Times New Roman.

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