Important Dates (徵稿時程)

Online Abstract Submission Begins: June 1, 2018
Abstract Submission Deadline: June 29, 2018  July 30, 2018
論文截稿日:2018/06/29 (星期五)
延期至2018/07/30 (星期一)
Notification of Abstract Acceptance: July 20, 2018  August 21, 2018
論文接受通知:2018/07/20 (星期五)
延期至2018/08/21 (星期二)

Call for Research Topic Areas (徵稿主題)

  • Student Submission (學生組) 
    • Environmental Medicine (環境醫學)
    • Environmental Health (環境衛生)
    • Food Safety (食品安全)
    • Drug Addiction and Prevention (藥毒物成癮及防治)
    • Others (其他)
  • Non-student Submission (社會組)
    • Food and Drug Management (食藥安全與管理)
    • Public Health (公共衛生)
    • Emerging Health Policy (新興衛生醫療政策)

Presentation Types (展示形式)

  • Student Submission (學生組)
    • Oral Presentation: 15 minutes oral presentation ( 10 presenters, 6 awards available)
    • Poster Presentation:3 awards available 
  • Non-student Submission  (社會組)
    • Poster Presentation: 3 awards available for each research topic area

Awards and Prize (獎勵辦法)

  • Student Submission(學生組)
    • Excellent Oral Presentation (優秀論文獎)
           First Place:NT$6,000                
           Second Place :NT$3,000           
           Third Place :NT$2,000
           Outstanding Presentation:NT$1,000 (3 awards available)
           佳作:1,000元 (3位)
    • Excellent Poster Presentation (壁報展示獎)
           Certificates for Outstanding Paper :3 awards available
  • Non-student Submission  (社會組)
    • Excellent Poster Presentation (壁報展示獎):
           First Place:NT$2,000     
           Second Place :NT$1,000           
           Third Place :NT$500
           Certificates for Outstanding Paper:3 awards available

Format Description (投稿格式說明)

    • Abstract Title:Full title in English (present in Bold and capitalized each word).
    • Page Setup:A4 with 2.5cm margin
    • Please write in English and present in a single page and underline the name of the presenter (see template)
    • Electronic submission only using PDF file (filename format: 2018 EHPSMC-Last Name-Title)
      一律以電子投稿,限用PDF檔上傳。檔名格式:2018 EHPSMC-姓名-論文題目

   All awardees must be present at the award ceremony in order to be eligible to receive award, otherwise the award will be revoked. NO EXCEPTION  


Note (投稿前請注意):

Limited one submission per person, and please pay the registration fee at the time of abstract submission

All accepted manuscript should include a Chinese abstract, if accepted for publication, both English and Chinese abstracts will be published in the conference proceeding

Submission Fee (論文摘要投稿費用)

NT$100 for Student Submission; NT$300 for Non-Student Submission (pay via Post Office, additional transaction fee may apply)
學生組100元、社會組300元 (郵局劃撥手續費需額外自付)

Registration Payment Method - for 2018 EHPSMC
論文投稿註冊費匯款資訊 - 此筆經費將專款專用於2018 EHPSMC)

Post Office Transfer (郵政劃撥) - 請於7/30前完成繳費

Account Name:財團法人私立高雄醫學大學
Account Number:42121235
Note: Please write [2018 EHPSMC, Name, and contact phone number] in the transaction note, and email the transaction receipt to Please use [2018 EHPSMC Name Contact Number] as the title and filename
請務必於劃撥單備註欄註明【2018 EHPSMC、姓名及聯絡電話】
劃撥單掃描後請MAIL至,主旨、檔名請設定為【2018 EHPSMC、姓名及聯絡電話】,若需提供收款收據,請於信件中註明,會後恕不補發,謝謝!


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