Logo Description for “Research Center for Precision Environmental Medicine

  The logo of Kaohsiung Medical University’s Research Center for Precision Environmental Medicine shows a green Rod of Asclepius with two leaves and a single green snake coming out of a tilted glass flask of orange dirt with grass sprouts and reaching upwards. While not evident, the tilted flask represents the Center not yet firmly established or well-funded but able to cultivate young researchers and scientists grounded in their goals of promoting healthy society and sustainable environment. The Rod of Asclepius points towards the sky aiming at focused and relevant research goals, academic excellence, and research-based environmental medicine. The KMU leaf represents the full support of Kaohsiung Medical University and the NICE2 leaf stands for what we value--Novelty, Integration, Contribution, and Environmental Excellence. The squared symbol suggests the synergistic achievement of these values. Although it appears cute, the logo represents our very serious dedication to novel cross disciplinary research that contributes to both society and environmental medicine.

We thank our students and faculty members from Colleges of Medicine and Health Sciences for delineating our mission and designing this logo which represents our goals and values in Environmental Medicine.

-Research Center for Environmental Medicine, early 2017.

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