The aim of the Research Center for Precision Environmental Medicine at Kaohsiung Medical University (the Center) is to achieve research excellency and to lead KMU to become the top research-oriented university in the world. A planning committee composed of elite professors and experts in the field reviewed currently available resource, prioritized research directions, and formulated strategy to set up the Center. KMU regularly invites internationally renown scholars, such as those from Academia Sinica, to evaluate the performance of the Center.
  KMU first established “Research Center for Industrial Health “in 1980 and is the pioneer in the study of environmental and occupation health in Taiwan. In 1990, the Ministry of Health and Welfare provided funding to establish “Occupational Disease Prevention Demonstration Center” and “Toxicological Consulting and Analysis Center.” In 2000, KMU established “Institute of Occupational Safety and Health“, and with the collaboration with the National Health Research Institutes, set up the first and only Ph.D. program in Environmental and Occupational Medicine in Taiwan. The program provides training for researchers in the field of environmental and occupational medicine as well as fellowship training for physicians specialized in occupational medicine. KMU affiliated hospital has the Division of Environmental and Occupational Medicine with more than a dozen of attending physicians. KMU provides a great environment for teaching and research in environmental medicine while at the same time contribute to the public by providing care and service to workers.
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